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Northampton Cougar wants to add your boxer shorts to her collection

I have a small collection of boxers under my bed and I’d like to add to it. I’m starkers in my flat and I’d like to get stuffed. I’m massaging my thrupney bits as I type this and I’m getting myself closer and closer. I might start flicking my bean at any moment. I’d prefer to have some fit bloke down there to take care of business. It’s wide open for anyone who hasn’t lost the plot. If we can talk without me getting a dodgy feeling, I might ring you up. Just don’t give off a wonky vibe and we might be able to make this happen. Find me over at Cougar Shagging.

The only thing that you have to worry about is getting your boxers nicked. I don’t know why, but I just love to have them. Sometimes I like to rub them against my minge and think about all of the fun that we had that night. Is any of that a problem? It doesn’t seem like I’m asking too much. One message could be all that it takes to get your end away tonight. Come and send me arse over tit with your mouth and cover me in your baby batter, baby.

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